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Love Your Sleep

The average person spends about one-third of their life asleep. That’s far too long to spend on an uncomfortable, lumpy mattress! Invest in great sleep by shopping the mattress collection at Swann’s. When looking for a new mattress, Tyler residents are happy to rely on us. We offer a huge collection of comfy mattresses, including different sizes, comfort levels, and material compositions. Plus, you’ll love the affordable prices on our brand name selections. There's no need to shop anywhere else other than Swann's Furniture & Design in Tyler, TX.




Ideal for those who prioritize a sturdy sleeping surface, our firm mattresses offer optimal back alignment and pressure relief.



Designed for those who crave a middle ground in their sleep experience, medium mattresses cater to varied sleeping styles.



Tailored for those who cherish a cloud-like embrace during their rest, our plush mattresses offer gentle support and a luxurious feel.

Ultra Plush

ultra plush

For those who love a super soft sleep, our ultra-plush mattresses give gentle support and plenty of comfort.


sealy mattress

Premium Value

Dive into our curated collection of mattresses priced under $1.5K. Perfectly suited for occasional use or guest rooms, these options offer a balance of comfort & value. Experience restful nights with our most affordable mattresses, without compromising on the quality Swann's is known for. Discover your next haven of relaxation today.

luxury comfort

Explore our range of mattresses priced between $1.5K and $3K. This mid-tier collection caters to those who desire a luxurious daily sleep experience at a moderate investment. With our commitment to quality and value, these mattresses are crafted for consistent, everyday comfort.

Tempur-Pedic mattress

perfected rest

Step into the world of Swann's elite mattress collection, priced at $3K and above. Handcrafted using the finest natural materials and artesian designs, each mattress in this range promises an unparalleled sleep experience. When only the pinnacle of comfort and elegance will do, our high-end mattresses await.



We're proud to bring East Texas the sleeping luxury of Aireloom mattresses. Steeped in a tradition of excellence, comfort, and unparalleled luxury, every mattress is handcrafted using the finest materials. Join us at Swann's to experience artful craftsmanship rooted in Californian heritage.

strearns & foster

From the enveloping embrace of plush memory foams to the resilient support of signature coils, every layer of a Stearns & Foster mattress is curated with your ultimate comfort in mind. Visit Swann's to experience firsthand the meticulous design and craftsmanship that defines Stearns & Foster.


With a rich legacy stretching over 140 years, Sealy's commitment to innovation has been unwavering. Since 1881, Sealy has been crafting mattresses of the highest caliber and trustworthiness. As we continue this tradition at Swann's, come and discover how Sealy can become an integral part of your nights.


Known for revolutionizing the mattress industry, Tempur-Pedic offers an unmatched sleep experience. Crafted with TEMPUR® material, each mattress adapts to the unique contours of your body. Visit Swann's to feel the Tempur-Pedic difference and elevate your sleep to new dimensions of comfort.


innerspring mattress


Celebrated for their bounce and durability, innerspring mattresses offer a traditional feel combined with modern enhancements. Their expertly designed coil systems provide supportive contouring, ensuring both comfort and longevity, making every night a rejuvenating experience.

memory foam mattress


Experience the contouring comfort of our memory foam mattresses. Each one promises a tailored sleep surface, adapting to your unique needs. The advanced memory foam technology ensures optimal pressure relief, enveloping you in restorative rest each night.

pocketed coil mattress


For those seeking a balance of support and comfort, our pocketed coil mattresses offer individualized contouring with reduced motion transfer. The meticulously arranged coils ensure even weight distribution, granting a serene and uninterrupted sleep experience.

hybrid mattress


Blend the best of both worlds with our hybrid mattresses. They combine the responsive support of coils with the plush comfort of memory foam, creating a sleep surface that caters to a variety of preferences, ensuring optimal rest and rejuvenation.


If you're in search of insights and recommendations for optimizing your sleep experience, the Swann’s Mattress Blog is your go-to destination. Packed with expert tips and in-depth explorations into the science of sleep, our blog provides a comprehensive guide to enhancing your nightly rest.



In the search for the ideal mattress, personal comfort and sleep patterns play a huge role. Dive deeper into our blog to uncover which mattress aligns best with your needs.

cooling mattress


In the world of sleep solutions, a new contender promises a remedy to those hot summer nights. We'll delve into the benefits of cooling mattresses and why they might be the sleep upgrade you need.

inside mattress


In this blog, we explore the fundamental parts of a mattress: the cover, comfort layers, support core, and the significance of the foundation underneath.



Choosing the right mattress hinges on finding the perfect size. In this guide, we'll unravel the specifics of mattress dimensions to aid your decision.

memory foam


With a myriad of options available, buying a mattress can become overwhelming. Explore the various mattress types, as well as their strengths and potential drawbacks.

Design With Swann's

Bored, frustrated, and overwhelmed by one or more of your rooms? We’ve all been there, done that. We feel your pain, and more importantly, your desire to love your home once again. That’s what we’re here for, and what we’re all about. Call today to schedule an in-store appointment with one of our design consultants. We are here to listen, offer solutions and make the process enjoyable. Our design consultants want to meet with you to learn about your project and take the stress out of it by working with a professional.


At Swann's Furniture & Design, we believe in making your dream home accessible. Our flexible financing options are designed to make your furniture purchases manageable and stress-free. Whether you're investing in a single piece or transforming an entire room, our solutions ensure your home improvement aspirations become reality. Discover the convenience and ease of shopping with Swann's!