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Four Hands at Swann's Furniture & Design

Four Hands logo
As a global manufacturer, wholesaler, and importer of innovative home furnishings, Four Hands invites the world to explore and uncover styles of both ancient and modern civilizations - affordably.

MISSION: "Home Furnishings that Inspire the Soul"

Product, People, and Passion are the backbone behind Four Hands. We desire to provide furniture that changes and effects people's lives in a very profound and inspirational way. Inspiring someone's soul doesn't happen by accident - it happens when each one of us work from a place of passion to deliver excellence in everything we do. Four Hands is dedicated to renewing creativity and sparking not only the evolution of design, but also the revolution of style.

Four Hands was founded in 1996 by Brett Hatton, President and CEO. Setting high standards from the beginning, Hatton committed to "touching" every piece of furniture that was selected. In fact, the company's unique name "Four Hands" reflects this commitment.

As the ultimate explorers of style, we literally go to the ends of the earth in search of the optimal blend of cultural influences for our award-winning furniture collections. We have spread our wings, sparking a passion for creativity and expanding beyond our strong ethnic origins.